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It is easy to think downloading inventory software is a cost effective option for managing your inventory. However, if you factor-in all the benefits offered with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering the total cost of SaaS is often lower.

Consider the advantages of a web-browser inventory software without the need to purchase licenses, with no software installation or configuration and no need for bulky servers. Data sharing is all managed remotely by the SaaS provider – Unleashed at is at your service!

SaaS in a nutshell

There are varying opinions on what constitutes the SaaS model. In broad terms SaaS is a service you pay to use. Seamless access is provided via an Internet web-browser, avoiding the expense of individual product licenses and the need to manage complex software and hardware maintenance.

The total cost of using SaaS software applications can be significantly lower than traditional software. Setup fees are minimal, and services can be installed quickly and easily with access across a multitude of devices.

Greater employee adoption

SaaS providers offer support and training with a focus on design and of ease of use. The improved user experience encourages greater acceptance by employees, in turn improving workflows and reducing labor time and costs. Note, however, that a significant training investment must still be made for employees, which holds true even for SaaS applications.

SaaS applications operate in the cloud, providing remote access to data that enables employees and even suppliers to interact with the same piece of information at the same time.

Significantly, SaaS can be easily integrated with other systems and allows access to information anywhere, at any time, across any device. SaaS systems are always up-to-date and multi-user logins ensure staff are all working from the latest version with the same compatibility.

The cloud-based nature of SaaS means that user numbers can be increased as your business grows, without the need to purchase new software licenses or to increase hardware capacity.

Security and maintenance

Encryption is standard across SaaS systems through a Secure Sockets Layer. This security technology establishes an encrypted link between the provider’s web server and your browser.

The link safeguards the privacy of all data travelling between the web server and browsers. Passwords and access authorizations ensure the right people see the right data.

The value of service

Using SaaS for your inventory management will benefit your business through mobility and ease of use, integration with other systems and improved workflows. Along with ongoing training and support, maintenance of the programme is undertaken by the service provider and problems can be managed quickly and effectively.

Companies can integrate inventory management with other SaaS systems; from accounting and purchasing through to production, planning and sales fulfillment. Software-as-a-service can maximize your resource capacity and support a more responsive and connected approach to business.

Don’t download, when you can use SaaS

Typically, SaaS products have minimal or no associated upfront costs. With downloaded inventory software, you can pay an initial license fee plus have the related costs of maintenance and hardware upgrades.

These costs can include the electricity required to run servers and maintain them in a temperature controlled environment. Factor in the time cost and lost productivity of working across various versions of up-dated or outdated software and ongoing support services that keep costs piling up.

With SaaS you pay for the use of a hassle-free service, where all you need is little more than an Internet connection. Information can be accessed anywhere and updates are saved to the cloud allowing multiple team members to work with the same version and communicate in real-time.

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Melanie - Unleashed Software

Article by Melanie Chan in collaboration with our team of Unleashed Software inventory and business specialists. Melanie has been writing about inventory management for the past three years. When not writing about inventory management, you can find her eating her way through Auckland.

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