Covid-19: A message from our CEO

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I know as I write this today that a lot of you are hurting out there. Not only in business but in our communities – schools, sports teams and families – as we all do our best to work out where this thing is going.

We speak with many of our clients every day, as I’m sure you do too, and it’s unsettling to know that some of you are feeling the impacts already. In response to this I wanted to say a few things (amidst the many other messages you’ll no doubt get over the coming days) about what we’re doing at Unleashed Software – and what we can do to help.

Firstly: we hear you. This is probably the least practical help we can offer, but if it makes any difference, and we can help you, then please contact us at ​ We’ve been working with many of you for years now; you know your support people on our teams and our exec: so contact any of us if you need to. We know how uncertain this is for you, being in the product industry and reliant on international supply chains, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We will continue to update our website and social channels and continue to compile advice and tips. One of the great things about our business is how connected we are to so many amazing companies, so we’re going to share stories of what our clients are doing to get through, plus some of the expertise we’ve built up over the years. We’re a cloud software company after all – and if there’s one thing that’s certain about the immediate future it’s this: cloud services and being connected remotely will play a big part in how we all do things for the next while.

On that note: if you’re a customer of ours, rest assured that we are 100% in business-as-usual mode as far as our services to you are concerned. You don’t get to run a SaaS company without operating a fully-fledged virtual workplace, so please – as I said before – do treat our support and customer engagement teams as open for business, regardless of external circumstances.

Today we ran a simulation of our Business Continuity Plan, and I’m pleased to say that it went smoothly — turning up just the usual kinks that you’d expect, which is basically the point. It’s made me feel confident about the shape we’re in, in terms of providing our usual high levels of support to our customers over the coming months. And if we can help you feel the same I’ll be genuinely proud.

Using Unleashed means you’re already working in the cloud with the benefits of remote access and managing your business anytime and anywhere. However, if you need any advice on making the most of the cloud or moving other systems to the cloud quickly, then please let us know – we can also recommend cloud specialist partners to help you with this process.

So stay safe out there, and stay in touch — we’ll have more resources and guidance posted on the website soon.

Gareth Berry,
Unleashed Software CEO

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Gareth Berry - Unleashed Software
Gareth Berry

Gareth Berry is the CEO of Unleashed Software, with more than 17 years of accounting and inventory management experience. Under his direction, Unleashed has grown from a start-up in 2009 to supporting customers in over 90 countries across the world to make, manage and move their products. Gareth and Unleashed have been recognised for business success by being in the Deloitte Technology Asia Pacific Fast 500 every year since 2013, receiving multiple Xero App Partner Awards and Westpac Business Awards, and identified as a category leader and FrontRunner by Gartner.

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