Congratulations to this week’s UK Business Intelligence Vision winners

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Congratulation to our week two winners!

With thanks to Volcano Coffee Works, we’ve been sending a prize pack of eco-friendly coffee capsules to our top ten Business Intelligence Vision users in the UK each week.

If you haven’t come across BI Vision yet, it’s a new BI tool built into Unleashed that helps users make smarter, faster, data-led decisions. Here’s what one of this week’s winners, Miranda Hudson of Duration Brewing, had to say about it:

“Business Intelligence helps us keep up to date on all aspects of our business performance in a few simple clicks. It’s great for sales reporting and watching trends. In these yo-yo-ing times where businesses need to remain reactive to the market it’s been a God-send.”

BI Vision delivers practical business insights at a click.

Enjoy the coffee, Miranda and team, a pack is winging its way out to you, along with:

  • AKG Trading
  • AquaTec Coatings
  • Rael Brook
  • Trailar
  • GroGreen
  • Applied Nutrition
  • Cemon Homeopathics
  • Moju

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