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In Australia, cereal food and bakery mix manufacturing accounted for 3.1 billion Australian Dollars in 2010. Food manufacturing is an enormous sector contributing towards employment and economic growth. Of breakfast cereals, we have seen muesli and granola experience high growth, with an 8 percent rise in value from 2015 to 2016. As consumers are becoming more health conscious and orientated there has been an increasing variety and innovation in this segment, especially with muesli cereals. Consumer demand for these functional foods possessing rich nutrients and low sugar products are set to rise. We also see a decline in children’s cereals which are high in sugar, as parents are seeking healthier alternatives. A sound inventory management system solution is more than necessary to keep up with this rising trend if you are in the food manufacturing sector.

Cloud inventory software maximises muesli to bowl yield

Cloud inventory software helps you manage all of the food manufacturing processes in a single centralised system in order to get accurate reports and help you make the right decisions and at the right time. From the sourcing process, ingredient tracking, recipe assembly to real-time inventory management take a there are multiple benefits that food manufacturers can take advantage of using cloud inventory software. In doing so, you’ll simplify manual and perhaps many other processes through one accurate and automated system creating efficiency, directly impacting on your food manufacturing’s bottom line.

Sourcing ingredients process management

Reduce costs and minimise waste with powerful inventory management using a cloud inventory software system. Cloud inventory management helps you get a complete cost breakdown for all ingredients to understand the true cost of each cereal. Create your scrumptious and healthy recipes using cloud inventory software by enjoying immediate monitoring of raw materials throughout the food manufacturing process.

Batch tracking

Get a snapshot or full detailed analytical data of complete cereal to bowl visibility of all ingredients for each and every cereal. Cloud inventory software enables you to track your ingredients, and packaging. Also, have peace of mind by keeping a close eye on the expiry date of your raw ingredients as well as staying ahead of regulatory compliance requirements.

Recipe assembly

Cloud inventory software for food manufactures ensure your ingredients are carefully managed to assemble the healthy cereal. This is done by specifying the precise quantities to create your unique cereal in a Bill of Materials. Furthermore, unlock the potential of your food assembly by using a cloud inventory system to drive your food assembly and steer to profitability, by gaining maximum visibility on margins on a per cereal and per batch assembly.

Real-time analytics

One of the most interesting aspects about cloud-based inventory systems is your food manufacturing processes can instantly track the actual cost of food manufacturing at any stage of the process, at anytime and anywhere. Most fundamentally, you can get real-time financial information so you can manage your cash flow accurately and easily, appropriating to positive initiatives such as marketing.

With perpetual inventory, you can see the most updated information from the live cloud inventory system dashboard. Enjoy the benefit of up-to-the-minute stock numbers and sales margins, great for strategising planning processes. Good cloud inventory systems will instantly update and be compatible with the likes of accounting software such a QuickBooks Online or Xero.

With cloud inventory software, you can track all of your raw materials into finish goods. Check your inventory report to see how much key ingredients you have left or receive an alert when it is time to reorder more. More importantly, get the right analytical data to see how much your cereal is actually costing you, control your variables and show your profitability. Know exactly how many packets of cereal are going to be made with the amount of raw materials on hand. With cloud inventory software, you can manage your key ingredients and materials to the best of your capabilities, allowing you to keep on top of consumers changing preferences and reap the rewards of a healthy cereal option.

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