April 20, 2016      2 min read

Armadillo Scooterwear is about combining style and protection. It’s simple: get all the benefits of technical performance fabrics with classic garment styles without looking like a bikie! Armadillo clothing inventory management is powered by Unleashed.

Also, check out the video – it’s wild.

What does your business do?

We are a manufacturer of protective clothing for motor scooter riders. Scooter riders tend to shy away from traditional heavy motorcycle clothing and wear nothing at all. Our gear is designed to look like street wear encouraging scooter riders to wear it, but at the same time, has protective qualities including industry leading d3o armor. Our distribution is through online sales worldwide www.armadilloscooterwear.com

What’s one of your favorite clothing products?

The Hoody is incredibly popular in our range and as a unisex garment it keeps everyone happy. It is made from soft shell fabric; it is light, weather proof, keeps wind at bay and is also tear resistant. Combined with the d3o armor, it’s an ideal solution for those just running around town wanting protection without looking like a bikie.


Why do you think your customers like this product so much?

Our jackets can take you from your scooter to dinner or the boardroom and no one would be any the wiser you’re wearing protective clothing. There’s no need to change when you reach your destination.


Can you give us a brief history of your business and the growth it has experienced so far?

Armadillo Scooterwear began in 2005 in the UK and was born from a couple of very clever designers. In 2012 a half share was sold to an Australian family business and moved to Australia. Since then the website sales have been the main point of distribution worldwide however, we have expanded further into Asia with a Japanese distributor and the USA with the launch of another group of outlets.

How is Unleashed helping your business grow?

Unleashed has been our chosen clothing inventory and accounting software mainly due to the ease of which it works with exchange rates. We operate in four currencies and needed a program that could work back and forth for us. The other wonderful feature we couldn’t live without is the ability to handle our landed costs in one step.

Is there something you are particularly excited for your business right now?

We believe as the recovery begins we have a great brand and a solid foundation for growth. We know the new designs we would like to introduce and we are looking forward to expanding into Europe.

Is there something your business in particularly proud of?

We are proud of the fact that our product is leading in its design, it’s a unique proposition and it encourages the use of protective clothing to a market that would otherwise not use it.