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Inventory management is something that underpins any company’s efficiency, but there are some unique benefits when it comes to the beer brewing industry. Particularly with craft beer establishments, inventory management software can mean the difference between an average batch of beer and a great one, the difference between efficient batches and wasteful ones. It also allows a brewery affordable tracking and quality control of batches, as well as greater trust from the customer.

Taste of the Batch

Using inventory management software to track the different raw ingredients used in a batch of beer means improvements can be made to the different tastes and types of brews. The Bill of Materials, or BOM, feature of inventory management will inevitably result in an accurate recipe of all the ingredients used in the brewing of the beer being created. With something as intricate as beer brewing, where the slightest addition of a special ingredient can dramatically alter the taste, it is essential to be certain of every little change in the manufacturing process.

Brewery Quality Control

Sometimes quality control can be hard for a start-up to achieve, and not because it is not a desire and there is a lack of intrinsic quality, but moreover because it can be a daunting, painstaking process to ensure every ‘T’ is crossed and every ‘I’ dotted for any authorizing bodies. Often the small breweries have such a personal hand in the manufacturing process that there is no room for neglect of quality. However, quality must be proven in this day and age and inventory management software such as Unleashed makes this easier to achieve. The software allows tracking of every batch, and the raw materials used to produce them, so that if there is regrettably an error downstream, the batch can easily be traced and recalled.

Cost-effective Production

Inventory management software allows for the control of all parts of the manufacturing process. From the raw ingredients used all the way to the shipped product, the process can be controlled in such a way as to maximize production and minimize any resource waste. This holds true for microbreweries and craft beer manufacturers.

All good, lean manufacturing requires accurate assessment of all the raw materials and what effects them in terms of ordering times, shipping times and expiry dates, to name a few. Understanding these things allows for timely ordering of more materials so that production is consistent and efficient. This also allows for the minimization of waste due to expiration of stock for example. Inventory management software can easily be utilized to achieve this level of control, the result of which is highly cost-effective production and greater profit.

Why you should consider inventory management software in a nutshell

Even in the smallest businesses, such as a fledgling micro brewery, it is essential to research anything that can ensure the success of the endeavor from the get-go. Having a good inventory management solution on hand can be invaluable in maximizing profits. This can be achieved through the accurate tracking of raw ingredients, which can be quite changeable in their nature, the control of batches through standardized recipes, and the reduction of waste in the manufacturing process.

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