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Greg Jury, founder and CEO of Bottlepops started the business of talking bottle openers five years ago. He started with the concept of a talking bottle opener, which then evolved monthly. Now they have a 26 unique items in a variety of ranges. Their unique bottle openers, often featuring caricatures of sports legends, enhance the fan experience, making it an enjoyable drinking experience.

Celebrating life

The tight knit team behind Bottlepops are committed to celebrating life. Due to their personal connection with cystic fibrosis, they are proudly driven in supporting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to help find a cure for cystic fibrosis. Most recently, they sponsored the 13th edition of Mount Everest Extreme Ultra Marathon, the world’s highest marathon with one of the most adventurous trail runs.

New business challenges

When Bottlepops first started out, they were managing their inventory with multiple Excel spreadsheets, “It was a real challenge,” says Greg. Most new businesses start off using spreadsheets to manage their inventory but as they grow, they start losing track of the many spreadsheets, affecting their reports and stock accuracy. Bottlepops is no exception to this and therefore decided to implement an inventory management solution. “It was purely to make sure reports and P&L were in line with our stock control,” explains Greg.

Simplicity with Unleashed

For retail Bottlepops, Unleashed had a great dashboard and platform. It even integrated well with their existing accounting software and website.

Though the attractive subscription fee was the first thing that captured their attention, it was Unleashed’s added support and product development that sealed the deal. “They seemed like they were always working on developing their software,” says Greg.

With Unleashed, Greg and his team can easily manage a wide range of business processes. “Unleashed enhanced our business a great deal over time. Starting with production then down to the sales level. As we started understanding Unleashed more, we started using more of their services,” explains Greg.

Since implementing Unleashed, the inventory management software has allowed them to control their warehouses, inventory and accountability. This has streamlined the way Bottlepops did things, allowing them more time to focus on sales. They even use the Unleashed Mobile App to help them manage sales and inventory on the road.

It also allowed them to gain a better understanding of their reports. “Before we started this business we really didn’t have a great deal of idea about that space. Because Unleashed has helped us map it out automatically, it has become and educational process,” explains Greg.

“As we’ve grown and been through the education of Unleashed, it’s given us more time to focus on the sales and personal development”

Picking the right inventory management software has proven invaluable to Bottlepops. Unlike other start-ups, they don’t have to work over time, Greg says “it’s helped us find the balance in life, from family to surfing to the things that we love doing.” Unleashed has greatly simplified their business processes.

As Bottlepops grows and experience more of the many benefits of using Unleashed as an inventory management system, they have more time to focus on their sales and personal development.

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