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Written by Danielle Dadello, Unleashed Services Manager

Want to ensure you’re getting the most from your inventory management software? We’ve put together some best practices you can use every day to keep your business – and your inventory – running smoothly.

Here are some tips on ensuring that things in Unleashed are moving along as you need them to be.

Failed Exports


Firstly, if you select the View failed exports link at the bottom of Unleashed this will show you transactions that could not be exported, and the reason. The most common reason are things like tax rates not mapped, or the customer has been archived in Xero. These are errors that would need to be resolved, and then re-exported from this page. This can be done by selecting Export on the specific transaction, or Export All.

If there are no errors, sometimes the response from Xero or something else may have failed the export and can be safely re-exported via this page immediately.

If you can’t find or resolve the problem, please do contact our team.


Reconcile transactions

If the transaction is not listed in Failed exports, please go to the Integration store > Xero > Export Xero data. From here select the date range you are looking for, then select the first transaction tab, for example the Purchase orders. You will also need to do this for Stock Journals, Sales Invoices, etc.

From here, select Reconcile – this can take a few minutes, so maybe grab a cup of tea! You will get a notification in the bell at the top right of your screen when this is done. Once you have this notification, you will need to refresh the page, navigate back to the right tab and correct date span.

The column Export Status will show the word ‘exported’ if that record is found. If not, there will be a variance shown and you can select Export on the last column to re-export it.

Stock on hand

stock on hand

As Unleashed is sending Journals and Purchases to Xero, you should check that the Stock on Hand Enquiry in Unleashed matches with the current stock on hand account in Xero. It is best to check back through each day, week and month to match Xero and Unleashed. Don’t wait until the end of the quarter or, worse, the end of the financial year. It will be much easier for you to pinpoint the records stopped matching. You can then ensure all transactions have been exported to Xero from Unleashed, and also check for manually altered or entered transactions in Xero that would be putting the records out. The Reconcile action above can help check that every transaction is there, and what variances there are.

Sales Progress

In some cases customers require part shipments and part invoices. With this there is a chance that an order is shipped but not invoiced, and could easily be left unpaid. If the invoice is not completed in Unleashed there will be no transaction in Xero, and therefore you may not be chasing payment for it.

Hidden columns

We would recommend to go into the View Sales Orders screen. Click on Show Toolbar > Hidden Columns. Drag the following columns onto the grid : Invoiced, On Invoices, Shipped, On Shipments. As the grid already has quite a few columns, you may need to remove columns back into the hidden columns box. As you will need this layout again, select the New button above the grid, and give this layout a name. Next time you need this grid layout it will be in the grid layout drop-down menu, and you will not have to drag and drop the columns needed.

Now that you have the three columns, you can see the progress of your orders, and can easily identify orders that could have been missed in your normal processing.

Want to learn more? Try Unleashed’s comprehensive Knowledge Base.

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Melanie - Unleashed Software

Article by Melanie Chan in collaboration with our team of Unleashed Software inventory and business specialists. Melanie has been writing about inventory management for the past three years. When not writing about inventory management, you can find her eating her way through Auckland.

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