January 1, 2016      2 min read

Apparel by Design specialize in designing and producing customised clothing and promotional goods for a wide range of customers, including large corporates such as Supercheap Auto.

They are also passionate about the motorsport industry, providing and selling official merchandise at many motorsport events throughout New Zealand and Australia.

The Problem
Apparel by Design work with carefully selected factories in China to produce their customised clothing and promotional goods, which are then shipped to Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia.

Often finished goods are sent directly to customers by Apparel by Designs freight forwarding company, and this, combined with operating warehouses in both New Zealand and Australia resulted in the need for an inventory management system that would enable them to know exactly where their products are, no matter where in the world they are located.

The Solution
Apparel by Design selected Unleashed for their inventory management, as they were seeking a flexible solution that would integrate with both their accounting system (Xero), and point of sale system (Vend).

Sarah Curtis, Apparel by Design’s financial accountant and main Unleashed user, is a cloud convert. She raves about being able to use Unleashed from anywhere, at any time, and having access to up-to-date sales data. Sarah uses it from the office, while the Melbourne team use it from the warehouse floor.

Apparel by Design have also taken advantage of Unleashed’s multi-warehouse functionality to set up a transfer warehouse which they use for transferring stock out of their warehouses in preparation for sale at events, allowing them to know where their stock is at all times.

Apparel by Design then use Vend to sell merchandise at the events, as it integrates with their event warehouse, updates inventory in real-time, and means they don’t have to re-enter all their sales into Unleashed when the events are over.

The Result
Apparel by Design now know exactly where their inventory is, at any time of the day. They can check their stock levels when they are traveling or while they are in the office, and have full visibility of stock movements across their warehouses.

Setting up an additional warehouse to manage their event merchandise, and integrating Vend with Unleashed has meant they know where all their inventory is, and saved them time processing sales of merchandise at motorsport events.

Sarah sums up how Unleashed has benefited Apparel by Design’s business best when she says:

It’s saved us lots of time and made our inventory management really easy.

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