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The key question during a sales/purchasing process, in majority of cases, is “Why”.

As a Sales Professional you need to be able to answer this question, not just for your customer, but you need to answer this for yourself. Any sales professional, to be successful, genuinely needs to believe in the value of the product or service they are selling – if you don’t you are not credible and your customer will never buy into your message.

With this in mind I thought to myself, “Why Unleashed Software?”; “What is it that sets us apart from the rest?” This led me to think about a number of factors which are really important to the “buyer” in me. Two things that really come to mind are features/benefits of the product/solution I am moving forward with as opposed to the alternatives and, the ever, and in some cases, most important factor, after sales service and support.

With these things in mind I thought about what we, as Unleashed, bring to the market place and how we stack up against legacy providers and on-premise solutions for online stock control. Choosing between a SaaS solution, like Unleashed to manage your inventory and an on-premise solution often depends on a number of variables including, but not limited to:

  • Complexity of your business and processes
  • Size of your company and its current  growth level/phase
  • Scope of your enterprise software needs
  • Ability of the software/on-premise solution to scale with your organizations growth and not hamper growth
  • Level of integration required with third-party software applications
  • Your internal IT skills and infrastructure
  • The need or want to control your IT systems in-house
  • Budget – initial capital outlays vs. on-going operational costs


Below I have outlined what Unleashed brings to the table and some of the major advantages of running with Unleashed opposed to an on-premise solution for online inventory management.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Unleashed Inventory Management Software will ensure lower overhead costs as there is no need to allocate resources such as servers or personnel to ensure the smooth running and maintenance of the solution which saves you time and money.

Unleashed generally shows a lower TCO as opposed to On-Premise ERP systems for most business scenarios.

Decreased implementation time and risk

Eliminating the requirements for additional hardware and platform software decreases the overall implementation time which in turn lowers the probability for project delays and the risk of implementation failure.

Accelerated software implementations

Without the incurred time and technical issues associated with the installation and configuration of data centre appliances, hardware servers and platform software your Unleashed implementation will be a swift one.

Outsourced skills and expertise

Unleashed Software offers data centre redundancy with fail-over ensuring high availability operations with disaster recovery ensuring business continuity. Information security is of paramount importance and we take this very seriously ensuring your data is secured and readily available when you need it.

We actively focus on performance optimization with the goal of providing a great user experience.

Hosted software delivery

Unleashed guarantees anytime, anywhere access. Browser-based system access is valuable to highly decentralized companies who have staff needing to access your inventory from multiple locations or whilst traveling. Unleashed also permits scaling on-demand as the business grows and eliminates the need to purchase additional hardware or bandwidth just in case it’s needed.

Subscription pricing model

The market today has enthusiastically embraced the “Pay-as-you-Go” pricing model over the “Pay-and-Pray” procurement method.

Subscription pricing delivers a foreseeable future payment schedule whilst eliminating potential cost overruns associated with on-premise ERP systems.


The other major factor for me was after sales service and support. In my time with Unleashed I have had the privilege of working with a fantastic team of people and the after sales support is world class. We work together as a team to ensure a positive outcome for all our customers and partners. In the event that we cannot offer a high level of support ourselves due to time zone constraints etc., we have a network of fantastic partners who are well versed and trained on Unleashed and would be able to assist with anything from general process queries to more complex implementations.

At Unleashed I believe we have a fantastic product which is ever evolving based on our customer’s needs, a world class team of people with the right skill sets and tools to be able to offer support at all levels and most importantly a base of loyal customers helping us to make Unleashed the first and only choice in Online Inventory Management.


Jono Henning, Direct Sales Manager –

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Melanie - Unleashed Software

Article by Melanie Chan in collaboration with our team of Unleashed Software inventory and business specialists. Melanie has been writing about inventory management for the past three years. When not writing about inventory management, you can find her eating her way through Auckland.

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