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You’ve likely read about the reasons why businesses need inventory management software. But sometimes, hearing why you should implement something isn’t as powerful as hearing real results from implementing something. In this post, we’re going to look at specific case studies from businesses that have greatly benefited from implementing cloud-based inventory management software.

1. Epic Brewing Company’s talent can focus on what they are best at.

When Ed Jeffries joined Epic Brewing Company, a beer brewing company, in 2012, she found that the stock management system in place at the time was literally all in someone’s head. Instead of being able to solely focus on producing their beer, Luke Nicholas (Epic’s talented brewer) also had to mentally manage an inventory system that required precise planning and forecasting, as hops has to be ordered five years in advance in order to brew the right amount of beer.

Once Unleashed’s inventory software for breweries was implemented, it eliminated the guesswork, allowed Epic to always know exactly what they had on hand, and helped them connect their cost of goods sold with overall sales data. It also let Luke focus on the thing he did best – brewing fantastic beer and being the marketing guru.

2. Triumph & Disaster is no longer flying by the seat of their pants.

When you are taking, packaging, and shipping orders yourself without an inventory management software system in place, it’s a miracle that things aren’t missed. This is what Triumph & Disaster, creator of a men’s skincare line, realized – the lack of consistency in their inventory system (or lack thereof) could easily lead to disaster.

Once Unleashed Software was implemented, it allowed Triumph to track stock easily from their ecommerce platform, Shopify, to their accounting software, Xero. It also helps them track sales per country and per sales person. And instead of hoping everything is functioning smoothly, they can know it.

3. All Good Organics can manage their long supply chain efficiently.

When All Good Organics only sourced ethically grown bananas from Ecuador, inventory management wasn’t a necessity. But when they began a new company for cola using the native kola nut from West Africa, with the goal of giving back to the villagers who harvested the nuts, they needed help.

Once Unleashed Software was implemented, it allowed All Good Organics to efficiently manage their long supply chain with lots of small orders weekly. Their sales staff only need to enter sales details once. They are now able to track sales, see day-to-day stockholding, and get balance sheet reports to know where they stand throughout the month instead of having to wait until the end of the month. Overall, Unleashed has helped them grow their business as much as 500% within 12 months.

4. Out Deco can maintain their inventory while maintaining their desired lifestyles and locales. 

One major perk of the digital age is that people can run businesses from anywhere with Internet access. The owners of Out Deco, Dawn and Rae, manage theirs from different cities while enjoying active lives and travel. Unfortunately, their original offline inventory management software was not conducive to their lifestyles, making it difficult to coordinate their accounting and inventory data.

Once Unleashed Software was implemented, Dawn and Rae were able to share data with each other between Thailand and New Zealand. They were now able to access vital information from airports, show grounds, or in the warehouse 24/7.

5. Made 4 Baby can keep business and product costs down while maintaining a professional inventory system.

One thing small businesses struggle with when choosing any software platform is pricing. While they need professional features, they don’t have an enterprise-sized budget to work with. Made 4 Baby was in the market for something easy to use, accurate, and affordably priced.

Once Unleashed Software was implemented, they were able to easily maintain their work/life balance while maintaining their business, from purchase orders to invoicing. Best of all, they didn’t have to increase their product costs because the Unleashed Software offers user-friendly, detailed features and scalability at pricing that any small business can afford.

Getting started.

Unleashed Software has helped many businesses, from small to enterprise, solve their inventory management problems, allowing businesses to focus on what they are best at, stay in control of their inventory, and best of all, save money in a variety of ways. Read more great case studies from businesses in a variety of industries, or sign up for a 14-day free trial to see how cloud-based inventory management can benefit your business!

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