The 5 Key Reasons Our Clients Love Unleashed

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This post was written by OutserveWeb, an Unleashed Implementation Partner. OutserveWeb has an outstanding track record in helping businesses save time and make money with system automation and integration.

As an Unleashed Partner, we are approached by many growing businesses that require an efficient way to manage their inventory. These product-based companies tend to have accounting software in place, but have no computerised system to help them manage their stock. As their number of products and sales channels increases, they start to encounter logistical problems. This is the point at which we are usually introduce Unleashed Software.

Over the years, we have worked with clients manufacturing and supplying a wide variety of products, from motor vehicle parts to confectionery, and from microphones to canoes! Unleashed has helped these manufacturing companies and product suppliers to scale their business by providing a platform from which they can manage their inventory and manufacturing operations. Here are five main reasons why our clients love Unleashed.

Real-time Visibility of Stock

From individual parts to fully assembled products, not knowing what is currently in stock can be a real headache for growing businesses. This can create numerous supply issues, as well as severely limiting the business’ ability to plan.

This was the problem experienced by one of our clients in Stoke-on-Trent that assembles kits to order. As the business was growing so rapidly, not knowing exactly what they had in stock was starting to cause problems with order fulfillment. Managing Director of Outserve Limited, Philip Oakley, explains,

“We installed Unleashed for our client and integrated it with Xero. They now have access to up-to-date stock levels at all times, they can perform easy and efficient stock takes and they are even able to track batches or serial numbers.”

Unleashed is also saving the team in the warehouse a lot of time, helping them to work more efficiently. The order goes into Unleashed, which creates a pick list. The team then know exactly what they need to pick and pack, and the stock is adjusted automatically. Unleashed gives real-time visibility of all inventory management processes and transactions across sales channels, warehouse and staff.

Real-time Visibility of Costs & Margins

One of the main benefits for our clients is that they can view, in real time, the total production costs and profit margins for each product via Unleashed’s reporting and analysis framework. By analysing data trends, our clients have the ability to plan and forecast, helping them to minimise handling and holding costs, and allowing them to improve cash flow. Unleashed also enables inventory optimisation to ensure the right amount of inventory at any one time and in the right places. Philip says,

“Unleashed’s reporting enables our clients to have more control over the whole production process. They can make informed decisions based on accurate real-time data to help them meet customer demand and revenue goals.”

Management of Multiple Warehouses

When a business has multiple warehouses, it needs the ability to:

  • Distinguish between identical parts and products stored in different locations
  • Fulfill orders based on stock levels at the different warehouses
  • Understand which warehouse should receive which supplies
  • We set up multiple warehousing within Unleashed for a greetings card company, and migrated all their stock keeping units (SKUs) into the new system. Unleashed helps the company to maintain optimum stock levels in each warehouse and gives them a central view of stock across all locations.

    Cost-effective Solution

    In the past, manufacturers were tied to using a broad and complex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to manage their inventory. Philip says,

    “Our clients tell us that Unleashed provides a much more cost-effective solution that can be tailored to their individual requirements.”

    Available as a monthly subscription, Unleashed offers different options, depending on the number of users, warehouses and products. This allows us to recommend Unleashed to businesses of all sizes. The Unleashed options range from the Small version, which is for one user and one warehouse, one currency and unlimited products, to the Large Plus version, which is for 20 users and unlimited warehouses, currencies and products.

    Integration with Other Systems

    Unleashed can be integrated with a number of key business systems, including cloud accounting software, Xero, and e-commerce platform, Shopify. According to Philip,

    “Unleashed integration means that many processes are completely automated. As well as having complete control over the whole order process, this has freed our clients up to focus on growing their business further.”

    OutserveWeb helps its clients to implement Unleashed inventory management software and integrate it with their other systems. Visit the OutserveWeb website for more information about their service or contact them here.

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