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5 Industries Ripe to Find More Than a “Silver Lining” in The Cloud

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Whether your business is experiencing fair weather or more inclement climes, it’s likely you’ve caught wind of all the talk surrounding “The Cloud’ in recent times.

Hotly discussed and often misunderstood, the cloud can seem like a mere buzzword or technical jargon to many business owners. However, this new way of working online – which utilises computers to better manage and make sense of business data – offers companies a tangible opportunity to become more efficient and effective in their operations, whilst saving time and money too. As it turns out, the cloud is more than a silver lining.

While changing technology can be daunting, the sooner businesses move to incorporate cloud-based software solutions the sooner they’ll reap the benefits that platforms like online inventory management systems can offer. From ensuring stock gets to where it’s needed in a timely manner, to maintaining customer privacy protection and harnessing the benefits of a macro-market perspective, the cloud allows businesses of all shapes and sizes to make hay while the sun shines or weather whatever storm they are faced with.

Here are five industries in particular that can immediately benefit from embracing cloud technology.


Manage in-store stock issues and access inventory info

The automotive industry is characterised by high-value, large-sized goods, and their corollary, low stock levels. Cloud-based online inventory management systems allow businesses to provide potential customers with real-time information about the new car of their dreams, so vehicle sales aren’t lost to a competitor down the road.


Safe, reliable, real-time record keeping

Whereas previous healthcare record-keeping systems have not provided for reliable customer record-keeping across multiple providers, the cloud provides a safe, accurate system for storing and accessing customer information. With cloud-based systems, customers get the best experience, and healthcare professionals are able to provide top-notch medical outcomes for their patients.


Up-to-date stock information offers best customer experience

Cloud-based software provides hospitality professionals with the stock and sales information they need to ensure a seamless customer experience, leading to return business time and time again. With accurate online booking, online inventory management systems, and ready access to customer contact details, hospitality professionals can access the essential information that they need, when they need it – ensuring a steady custom and satisfied customers.


Tap into supply chains to access what is needed when it’s needed

Pinpoint exactly what is needed within the supply chain with the benefits the cloud offers manufacturing businesses. Producers are able to track the movement of goods and manage patterns of supply and demand without losing stock to oversupply, damage, or theft. The cloud provides the infrastructure needed for manufacturers to establish credibility with retailers, ensuring repeat business and happy clients.

Real estate

Accurate, informative market and client knowledge

Offering agents the means to stay on top of their property portfolios, the cloud allows real estate professionals to provide the best customer experience to vendors and purchasers alike. Not only does the cloud allow agents to better manage their own weekly schedule, but it can also track and display market trends at a macro level, so agents can know who is looking – and more importantly, where they are looking.

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Melanie - Unleashed Software

Article by Melanie Chan in collaboration with our team of Unleashed Software inventory and business specialists. Melanie has been writing about inventory management for the past three years. When not writing about inventory management, you can find her eating her way through Auckland.

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