5 Benefits of Using B2B eCommerce

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B2B eCommerce is used to describe transactions that occur between businesses on an electronic platform. Most notably, this refers to B2B portals that allow for the advertising and purchasing of inventory or services between businesses in a similar industry. The benefits of conducting business in this way are numerous, including increased reach, increased sales, efficiency, transparency, good customer-supplier management, and not to mention it being the environmentally friendlier option. Let us look at each of these things in turn and delve deeper into the world that is B2B eCommerce.

Stretch your reach

B2B eCommerce portals provide a means of stretching your reach and getting your company and products recognised by more people. By having web pages that showcase what your business is about, people who are browsing in a search engine can stumble across your pages and therefore represent potential business opportunities and sales. If you set your pages to be private, you can still expand your reach by targeting your content in your web store to certain markets. It basically gives you the opportunity to ‘be in more places at once’ as it were, which inevitably will increase the possible business interactions you can enjoy.

Watch that bottom line grow

B2B eCommerce can also be a means of increasing your sales as it provides the perfect opportunity to suggest different products to your customers based on their sales or search history. There are strong cross and upselling opportunities which can lead to increased profits. An online portal, the equivalent of a marketplace, which showcases your services or products, saves a significant amount in overheads that are associated with a physical storefront or physical trade show stall and therefore with a reduction in overheads, the bottom line is automatically inflated.

Streamlining, efficiency and transparency

B2B eCommerce streamlines your interactions with customers by making the whole ordering process efficient and reliable. This is exceptionally important in today’s commerce climate where time is short and demand is high. By operating out of a web portal, any ordering can be integrated with your ERP software so that the time delay between ordering and dispatch can be negligible. Errors in the ordering process or fulfilment of orders based on inaccurate stock counts can be avoided as up-to-date stock counts from the warehouse can be integrated into the website so that customers and sales agents always know what is on hand.

Management of customers and suppliers alike

The B2B eCommerce concept allows for better management of both customers and suppliers. In essence, the entire initiative is a win-win for all involved. Your customers can have a custom-designed portal just for them which houses their ordering history, any personal information, shipping and tracking information and perhaps even a shopping or wish-list. They have better control of the whole process, which not only promotes transparency and efficiency but also negates the need to call and speak to someone to simply ask for an update on their order. Likewise, you have better management of your suppliers as you can see what raw inventory is available and when, and similarly, you can also observe the progress of your own orders.

eCommerce is e-friendly

With an online portal accessible through search engines via the use of SEO content, no physical fliers or glossy trade catalogues are required. Likewise, travelling sales agents clock up many a carbon mile while on the road, which can also be minimised through web portals and internet communication sites. Of course, sometimes you can never replace the charm and ease of face-to-face dealings with sales representatives, but eCommerce certainly provides a decent alternative!

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Article by Melanie Chan in collaboration with our team of Unleashed Software inventory and business specialists. Melanie has been writing about inventory management for the past three years. When not writing about inventory management, you can find her eating her way through Auckland.

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