4 Tips for Keeping Your Customers Satisfied

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The level of satisfaction among your customers is a great way to gauge how well your company is functioning. Customer satisfaction is key to increasing and maintaining necessary sales levels, so you need to give customers upmost priority. In this article, we examine a few key strategies for ensuring customer satisfaction.

Human-Centred Customer Service

Especially in large, fast paced businesses, staff can lose sight of the customer as a human being rather than simply a number. Rather than taking an issue-centred approach in the workplace, managers should encourage staff to take a personalised approach to each customer and to see them as individuals.

A great way to do this is to encourage each staff member to ask themselves questions like “what is the customer’s story?” and “what is their history with the company?”. These questions will ideally prompt customer-facing employees to engage with the right kind of mindset that helps to facilitate customer satisfaction.


This personalised customer service approach cannot be exclusive to in-person interaction with customers or phone call conversations. In our extremely interconnected and digitalised world, customers will not only be coming in store, nor will they simply be making a phone call.

Nowadays, customer service occurs in many different forums: customers will visit your website, your social media pages, or use their digital devices to search for advice on how to solve their issues. For this reason, managers need to emphasise to staff members that customer service does not stop at the storefront or at the click of the receiver: consistency is key for ensuring comprehensive customer satisfaction across the board.

Pay Attention to Dissatisfied Customers

As the old adage goes, keep your friends close and you enemies closer – your dissatisfied customers are just as important as your satisfied ones. You can learn a lot from disgruntled customers, but only if you give them a means to express their frustrations. Studies have shown that detractors are unhappy customers who actively recommend against your company.

For this reason, you should have a complaints process in place that allows unhappy customers to reach you and provide what should be taken as constructive criticism. Doing so will not only enable you to review your current processes, but you may even be able to resolve the issue the customer has so that they are no longer dissatisfied to begin with.

Conduct Customer Satisfaction Surveys

To put yourself in the best position possible to correct issues and improve customer satisfaction, you should invest some time into conducting customer satisfaction surveys. These do not have to be complicated or costly, and you can use convenient tools like the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to find out how well you rank among your customer base.

It is very difficult to gauge customer satisfaction without investing some time into a survey or a tool like the NPS, and doing so will help you identify any gaps in the service you are currently providing. After the results come in, you can identify common patterns or issues and act as quickly as possible to rectify them.

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