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Using Attaché? Here’s why you’ll find Unleashed a great match

We’ve created this page to show off some of the benefits of Unleashed to Attaché users. Both software systems are part of the broader Access Group, and we believe many Attaché customers will gain huge value from the system.

Here you’ll find a top-level overview of Unleashed, including short software demos and on-demand webinars. If you’d like to go more in-depth then feel free to explore the main site, register for a live webinar session where you can ask questions – or simply book a chat with one of our experts for a one-on-one consultation.

What is Unleashed?

Unleashed is fully cloud-based software that gives product businesses clarity and control across suppliers, production, inventory and sales. It was founded in New Zealand in 2009 and in 2011 was one of the first apps to integrate with Xero. In November 2020 it was acquired by the UK’s Access Group. With thousands of users in more than 80 countries, it’s one of the most respected names in inventory, manufacturing and product management software worldwide.

How (and where)
we support our customers

At Unleashed we pride ourselves on our great customer support. After all there’s no point creating amazing software if people can’t get the best out of it. We have support teams in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom and always have real people ready to help you with any problems. You can access the right level of support for your business with our
Customer Success Plans

How we support our customers
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Our culture

We have an amazing work culture at Unleashed (In fact, Westpac gave us an award for being Employer of the Year) and that translates into the way we work with our customers. Our attitude is that everything can always be improved and we routinely roll out new features in response to customer requests. In fact we roll out minor improvements to our system fortnightly, with multiple major new functions released each year. You can browse our feature release timeline here.

Our integrations

Running your core business functions through cloud software is all about who and what you integrate with. At Unleashed we support and maintain API integrations with cloud accounting platforms like Xero and QBO, to commerce apps like Shopify, Amazon and Vend, and a host of other business tools including Salesforce, Magento and more. You can browse our integration partners here.

Unleashed Software Integrations Cloud

Upcoming webinar:
Live Overview of Unleashed

Wed, 2:30pm (NZT) [25 min incl. Q&A]

Upcoming webinar:
Live Overview of Unleashed

Wed, 12:30pm (AET) [25 min incl Q&A]

Upcoming live webinar:
Unleashed Lunchtime Tour

Wed, 12:30 pm (UK) [25 min incl. Q&A]

What the software does

Inventory management

Inventory management is the heart of Unleashed Software. Fundamentally the system is based around having a live view of what inventory your business holds, where it is and what it’s worth.

The system uses the weighted average cost method to calculate the value of your stock, so the cost of every single item in your warehouse is continuously updated based on the price you pay for new stock.

This gives Unleashed users a razor-sharp view of their margins – and lets them factor in other cost variables like freight, labour and duties – which in turn gives users an incredibly useful view of margins by – for example – sales channel, warehouse location, product type and more.

Other core inventory functions include the ability to batch and serial track products – which is critical in industries like food and beverages, and for many other manufacturers.

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At our core, we believe in championing the disruptors and innovators of the world — those taking on the multinationals and trying to make a difference.
– Gareth Berry, CEO
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See Unleashed In Action

Watch a 25 minute demo of Unleashed’s core functions presented by Richard Ashurst

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Purchasing, Manufacturing & Sales

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Once you understand the basics of Unleashed’s inventory management, the rest of its powerful functionalities all fall in to place.

Purchasing is a natural extension of knowing exactly what you have on hand – and what you need. Unleashed lets you set automatic reorder points so you never run out of your most important items (or overstock for fear of running out). And you can buy in new stock directly from within sales orders, or as you plan your production, because the system automatically shows you what you have on hand – and what you need – to fulfil an order.

Production, meanwhile, revolves around having Bills of Materials stored securely in the cloud. These are your ‘recipes’ for creating new products that allow you to precisely plan your production runs (and any purchases you need to make), and help you dramatically reduce your waste. Unleashed supports multi-level BOMs for complex manufacturing.

Sales represents the other end of the product journey through your business. Unleashed features a built-in B2B eCommerce portal, and also integrates with leading eCommerce platforms, allowing you to execute and manage a mature multichannel sales strategy all within the same system. And of course by managing your sales orders within Unleashed you can action any purchasing, manufacturing and shipping that your sales demand, all with maximum efficiency.

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Finally, it’s worth looking at Unleashed’s pay-to-use modules: B2B eCommerce and BI Vision

The B2B eCommerce Store

The B2B eCommerce store gives Unleashed users an instant foothold in the eCommerce world. Make reordering easy for your on-account customers, save time and avoid costly errors with your fully customisable digital shop-front.
Learn more about B2B eCommerce here

BI Vision

BI Vision is a powerful business intelligence tool that sits on top of Unleashed, giving you access to all of your data in an easy-to-use interface. Examine your margins by SKU or location, find your top sales people, spot slow-moving stock, be emailed performance reports against your KPIs and much more.
Learn about BI Vision here