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Neto – One platform – Many ways to sell

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How it works

Accurately and efficiently manage your stock and orders using one seamless integration. Currently only available for Australian and New Zealand customers.

Seamless Integration

Neto integrates easily with Unleashed (and integration is at no extra cost). Unleashed is easy to use, and saves you time by automatically pushing customers, products and stock adjustments to Neto.

Accurate Inventory

Up-to-the-minute stock numbers and margins across multiple sales channels, plus regular updates to Neto. Unleashed lets you create purchase orders, sales orders, invoices, assemblies, bills of materials, and more.

Perpetual Stock Updates

Being cloud-based, this e-commerce integration updates Unleashed on a regular basis. This means you gain increased visibility into all your stock movements right down to the Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet level.

Automatically Sync Contacts

Real-time synchronization of contacts. As you acquire new customers or suppliers, create them in Unleashed, which will then update Neto for you, saving you time and reducing data entry errors.

Logistics Integration

Track the overall order fulfilment process by integrating Neto with Unleashed. Neto integrates with a variety of logistics companies, and when integrated with Unleashed, allows you to manage the entire order fulfilment process using one seamless

eBay Integration

If you use eBay as a shopfront, Neto has an add-on to get the two systems talking to each other. When integrated, Unleashed recognizes each channel and enables you to manage and track sales across both your Neto and eBay stores.


About Neto

Neto is more than just another e-commerce platform. This hosted, managed and serviced e-commerce platform enables retailers and wholesalers, of any size, to develop and maintain powerful online stores that integrate with leading accounting platforms, payment gateways, shipping carriers and sales channels. Visit the Neto website to learn more, or try Neto E-commerce Solutions for free.

More Add-ons

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