Unleashed + NetEDI

Seamlessly integrate data from 3PLs, trading partners, sales channels with Unleashed. Synchronise your systems in real time.


A cloud based, multi-user service. Simple to implement, maximum effectiveness

How it works

Unleashed and NetEDI have gotten together to offer a powerful collaboration that promises to create an efficient end-to-end business solution. NetEDI seamlessly integrates data from your 3PL’s, trading partners and Sales channels with Unleashed to ensure Inventory balances, Sales orders/invoices, and shipping information are synchronised in real-time.

We create a perfect link between Unleashed and your external data by using a type of technology known as APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces. APIs allow two different platforms to exchange information with each other safely and securely. ensuring information exchange is done faster and more efficiently.

The Benefits of Integration Our integration capabilities have been developed with the end user in mind. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Fast and accurate communication between your systems
  • Automatically synchronise all your EDI Sales orders directly into Unleashed
  • Transmit shipping notices to your customers when sales orders are completed
  • Create and send Sales invoices directly to your trading partners from Unleashed
  • Have your inventory on-hand in Unleashed updated via NetEDI from your 3rd party logistics provider

About NetEDI

NetEDI offer a cloud integration platform enabling any business to gain EDI capability and compliance, connect systems and onboard trading partners.

All our solutions are cost-effective and built on a single, cloud-based platform. It can be configured in an unlimited number of ways, with endless protocols, formats and connectivity options, so our customers get exactly what they need to increase efficiency and support the future growth of their company.

A strong focus on innovation, deeper integration with accounting and inventory systems and simpler user experience, sets us apart from many other providers in the industry. We are now trusted to provide such services by over 600 clients in ten different countries around the world. Our service is fully managed and supported, 24/7, by a team of specialists dedicated to maintaining the outstanding service our customers have come to expect.

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What is NetEDI

NetEDI provide a cloud B2B platform that enables a business to seamlessly link all of their electronic data directly in and out of Unleashed




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