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Created by Land Digital, an innovative, integrated digital agency in the North East of England.


Magento 2 Connector – seamless syncing with Unleashed

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How it works


Head to the Magento 2 Marketplace to install this extension. We recommend that you hire a developer should you need to assistance with the install or wish to customise this to your own specifications.


All you need to do for the sync to work is enter your Unleashed API details, found in your personal Unleashed account.

Syncing options galore

Magento 2 configuration options exist with this connector to select how often your Magento 2 store syncs with your Unleashed account, whether product inventory updates are reflected within your Magento 2 store and whether orders dispatched from Magento 2 should be marked as complete within Unleashed.

On top of that, you’ll have access to a sync log, providing a comprehensive, real-time record of all synced items.

Guest account optimisation

Manage guest account functionality like never before with the Magento 2 Connector, which allows you to have new customer accounts created with a guest checkout – or alternatively, opt for all guest account transactions to be attributed to a single guest account.

‘Out of stock’ settings revolutionised

Integrate the connector with Unleashed to enjoy a range of options surrounding ‘out of stock’ products, including:

  • Never set a product ‘out of stock’
  • Set ‘out of stock’ when available quantity is 0
  • Set ‘out of stock’ when inventory is 0

About Land Digital

Land Digital, an innovative, integrated digital agency in the North East of England.

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