Beyond Unleashed – The future of tech

In the 13th episode of the Unleashed Academy podcast, Karla chats with Elliott Darling, one of our Product Owners in Unleashed, about the exciting future of technology.

5:02 Data is a Key Driver for Businesses

The internet is data rich. With the world moving from a mobile-first solution to an AI-first solution, how will businesses use the large wealth of data they have to make better decisions?

8:10 Legislations

The new EU GDPR laws have had many businesses like Unleashed working hard to be compliant. With inboxes flooded with emails about updated privacy policies, GDPR is definitely in full swing. Elliott talks about the effect of the recently enacted GDPR laws on businesses and end-users.

12:36 Emerging Tech Trends to Keep an Eye On

With a keen eye on technology, Elliott talks about the up and coming tech trends. He discusses how companies like Amazon have shifted towards a customer-first approach by investing in better processes and implementing new technology. He also talks about how 3D printing has the potential to impact warehouses and the supply chain – it’s definitely a space to watch!