Partnering with Unleashed

In the 12th episode of the Unleashed Academy podcast, Dylan talks to Rhys Roberts, Director of Cloudsolve. Rhys shares his expertise of what being an Implementation Partner entails, as well as his views on the market and what clients are expecting from cloud-based applications like Unleashed Software.

4:05 The Cloud Software Journey

One of the largest myths is around cloud software not being secure. Having you information stored in the cloud is far safer than on premise.

9:39 Are Clients Changing with the Times?

With cloud software being steadily adopted throughout businesses, Rhys shares how his customers’ requirements are changing. What will this mean for Cloudsolve, their clients’ and their client’s customers?

13:38 Selling the Intangible

A lot has changed from five years ago, when businesses tended towards installed software. Rhys shares how he convinces businesses and their staff to embrace cloud-based software.

16:49 Security in the Digital Age

Small businesses might start off backing up their data in a hard drive but you’ll be amazed at how few security measures they have to protect their back up data. In this section, Rhys talks about vendor viability and the security of the cloud.

22:15 Working with the Cloud

What are the pros and cons of working with the cloud? Rhys shares his take on how working with the cloud can benefit not only his clients’ lives, but also their business and customers.

24:29 What’s In Store for the Cloud?

Rhys sees a real transformation in the way small and medium enterprises operate. How will the cloud continue the change the way they behave and compete?