Managing IT in a fast-paced industry

In the 8th episode of the Unleashed Academy podcast, Dylan talks about managing IT in a fast-paced industry with Colin Ranwall, IT Manager from Unleashed. Colin discussed the top tips for protecting your company data and how to assess your cloud-based software has the required security features.

Colin is the IT Manager at Unleashed Software. With more than 20 years experience in the IT industry, Colin has a vast experience in the areas of IT infrastructure, architecture and networking.

3:15 Top tips for protecting your company data online

Colin discusses the importance for your business to own the data, controlling access to and permissions to your data and encryption.

5:02 Important technology tools to connect your team

Communication is always an issue and efficiency is important. Slack has become an important tool at Unleashed. The intranet, technical blogs and help desk system are all important channels for communication within a growing organisation.

6:42 Critical security features of cloud-based software

Redundancy and backup are the most critical elements to be considered when assessing cloud software. Many companies are concerned with security breaches but most breaches come from within the company.

9:54 Data security issues your business should know

Most cyber attacks come from employees or former employees. Segregation of duties is an important step to ensure your business is protected. Regular audits of your security processes are key to ensure the integrity of your processes.

19:00 Speed improvements in cloud-based software

SaaS companies are continuing to explore ways to improve the speed of their software for users. One of the considerations for those using cloud-based software is the location of their data centre.