Leading a SaaS business amidst change

In episode 4 of the Unleashed Academy podcast, Dylan talks to Gareth Berry, Unleashed CEO. Gareth discusses the evolution of the SaaS industry, the ANZ market and how it compares on a global scale and the latest trends impacting this market including the introduction of Amazon. Gareth covers the benefits of cloud based software for users and the important process of educating your users about your product.

Gareth has been with Unleashed for 8 years, successfully navigating the business from startup to over 2,500 global partners. Gareth has worked for over 15 years managing high performing sales teams to grow businesses.

2:00 How quickly does the SaaS landscape change

Gareth discusses the evolution of the SaaS industry and how software companies have had to pivot towards a SaaS model to remain viable in today’s landscape.

6:24 The differing markets – how does ANZ stack up with the rest of the world

ANZ market is often seen as an early adopter market. Technology becomes a key differentiator for many small businesses in this area.

9:03 How does cloud software enhance teamwork in a business

Cloud-based tools allow you to operate from anywhere. Gareth discusses the benefits of the cloud in taking your business and team global.

11:25 How does cloud computing benefit SMEs

Being able to do things faster, quicker and at the least cost gives a great competitive advantage. Cloud computing is no longer an option but a necessity for most businesses modern businesses.

14:10 Amazon and the impact on ANZ businesses

Gareth discusses his predictions for the impact of Amazon on local businesses in the ANZ region.

21:15 Educating customers of using your product

Gareth discusses the importance of educating customers. At Unleashed, this has seen the development of the Academy, a library of best practice and thought leadership videos around inventory management.
In a SaaS it is not simply educating the IT Manager and his team but all users of the product.

28:32 Why is cloud based software an advantage for users

Gareth talks about the unique advantages users receive from using cloud based solutions including; cost savings, regular upgrades, security and disaster recovery.

38:15 The transition from Startup to industry leader

Gareth discusses how to manage communications in the business as you transition from startup.