Introducing the UK to SaaS

In episode 11 of the Unleashed Academy podcast, Dylan talks to Stephen Jones, Head of UK and EMEA. Stephen discusses the adoption of cloud-based software within the UK market, the main barriers for businesses entering the cloud and expected developments within the SaaS industry.

Stephen, is responsible for the growing client base of Unleashed in the UK and EMEA. With an extensive background in sales and client management, Stephen has a passion for championing small business and helping them facilitate growth with the right solutions.

8:38 Dispelling the myths around cloud-based software

One of the largest myths is around cloud software not being secure. Having your information stored in the cloud is far safer than on premise.

10:15 The adoption of cloud-based software in the UK

Stephen discusses how cloud technology is adopted in the UK. There is an increase in regulation in the UK making it easier for people to feel safer around the adoption of cloud-based software. The “Making Tax Digital” program in the UK is also leading people to be more aware of online solutions.

13:04 The barriers for businesses to enter the cloud

Stephen covers the importance of planning in a successful cloud migration. Research is an important part of selecting the right option but it is important not to let it become a barrier to decision making.

16:45 Developments in the SaaS industry in the next 5 years

Stephen talks about the expectation that there will be consolidation within the app market. As such the role of accountants as trusted business advisors will become more important and continue to grow.