The importance of Marketing for any business

On this episode of the Unleashed Academy podcast, we introduce our Marketing Manager, David Procter. In this podcast, we will discuss the importance of marketing for your business, we also cover the cloud-based software landscape and how to encourage customers to move to the cloud.

David has had a varied marketing career working for small and large companies both in New Zealand and abroad. With 18 years of experience under his belt, he manages the marketing team at Unleashed.

7:22 Marketing Mindset for Today’s Businesses

Marketing has changed over the years, from the tools used to how the message is communicated. Marketing used to be focused heavily on expenditure and the return on investment, but it has since shifted to become more personal. Noting the trends in marketing over the years, David stresses that having a great marketing team is essential in balancing between marketing spend and return.

9:16 Achieving Marketing Success

Depending on the industry your business operates in and on your company, there might be different areas which are important to achieving marketing success. David argues that there are three crucial factors that contribute to any business’ success. The marketing function should drive understanding around the various marketing opportunities as it is essential to have sustainable success in order to ensure longevity of your business. Furthermore, the business should have food insight as to what drives their current and potential customers. If you don’t understand your customers, how can you deliver a product or service that they value?

14:42 The Importance of Cloud Software for Businesses

As companies grow, they often make the jump from the basic software package to more advanced ERP software. However, this often comes with high barriers such as investment cost and technical challenges. The rise of cloud-based software has allowed businesses of all sizes to experience greater efficiency?

18:19 Why Are Businesses Afraid of Moving to the Cloud?

Data security used to be a huge barrier for businesses. David suggests that as individuals have increased trust that their data will be safe, they take their personal habits to their business too. Is your business comfortable with making the move to cloud software?

19:43 David’s Top Tips for Moving Your Business to the Cloud

Moving to the cloud can be a challenging process but it doesn’t have to be a Herculean task. Listen to David’s tips for ensuring your move to the cloud is as seamless and pain-free as possible.

21:40 Persuading Potential Customers

Marketing to B2C clients is markedly different from marketing to B2B customers. While B2C marketing is more about invoking and emotional response in the audience, B2B customers are less emotional and more rational. How can businesses cater to their B2B audience?

24:12 What Will the Cloud-Based Software Landscape Look Like?

David gives us his insight on the current trends of cloud-based software and how that will change as companies of various sizes continue to move away from installed packages to cloud software. What will the future bring to businesses and how can they be amply prepared to cater to this shift?