Challenges of innovation for SaaS companies

On this episode 1 of the Unleashed Academy podcast, we introduce our General Manager/CTO, Lisa Miles-Heal. In this podcast, we will discuss the challenges of innovation for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies. Lisa also reveals what goes on behind the scenes at Unleashed, and tackles how to encourage innovation in your organisation.

4:06 Challenges for SaaS companies

There are various obstacles that SaaS companies have to overcome. Lisa discusses the fine balancing act SaaS companies have to perform – making sure customers get the features they want quickly and making sure the software is stable so customers can rely on it.

As the Internet of Things advances, security becomes increasingly important for many businesses. According to Lisa, the key is to avoid over-complicating the solution to the detriment of functionality that is needed.

More SaaS companies are aware of the importance of real-time interface. As Lisa aptly puts it, “people only use [your software] if they feel comfortable using it, it saves them time, or allows them to do something better.” Are your customers are confident in using your software’s interface?

Another important challenge SaaS companies face is ensuring service levels. In the SaaS context, they cannot contract a service level agreement to the same extent that large enterprise resource software can. So how can SaaS companies ensure they are creating and delivering value for their customers?

If you run an NZ-based company, you might have a greater appreciation of cloud infrastructure’s speedy progression. Cloud-based solutions change the traditional concept of a fixed workplace and time. It allows businesses to carry out their business in a way that suits them.

15:56 Behind the scenes at Unleashed

Unleashed Software churns out multiple features, both small and large, to help our customers manage their inventory management better. Lisa gives us the low-down on how the team at Unleashed determine which features to release, and how feature release success is measured

29:22 The buzz about innovation

What do innovative companies always do? Despite lots of literature in research, there is no consensus on the best way to encourage innovation in your team. Treating it more like a mindset and not a goal, Lisa suggests that innovation should be present in the company lexicon. How do you encourage innovation in your workplace?

36:26 Back to school with Unleashed Academy

Unleashed Academy empowers our customers to give them a boost towards general business success. Not only does it cover the basics of how to use our inventory management software, but it also provides insights and thought leadership on broader areas of the business for a holistic approach to business success.