Building a strong customer service team

In episode 6 of the Unleashed Academy podcast, Dylan talks about the importance of building a strong customer engagement team with Danielle Dadello, Service Manager from Unleashed. Danielle covers the key elements to great customer service, how to measure customer satisfaction, the importance of onboarding new customers and how to manage a global customer base from NZ.

Danielle has an extensive background in customer training and joined Unleashed as a training expert. Her role expanded to include the management of the customer engagement team whose focus is to ensure all customers are successfully onboarded, their usage of the product is optimised and they are supported through their lifecycle.

1:30 The Key to Great Customer Service

Great customer service stems from not just “going above and beyond” but acting as a true business advisor to your customer. It is all too easy to simply answer your clients’ questions, but true value comes from understanding their business requirements.

4:32 Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Measuring customer satisfaction is important at Unleashed and there are a number of points at which we measure it. Customers are surveyed after ticket submission to assess how the ticket was solved and regularly Net Promoter Score surveys of customers are also performed. Danielle also looks at reviews on the Xero community and Facebook. As a team, the customer engagement team meet regularly to review feedback.

6:02 Importance of Onboarding

Learning how to use the software is critical to getting the most out of new software. Danielle talks about how to select the best onboarding specialist to give the optimal results. Training is one of the key requirements to ensure successful onboarding in the first 90 days.

8:28 How Customer Feedback is Integrated into Product Features

Customer feedback is key to new product feature releases. Danielle discusses how customers requirements are feedback to the product and development teams at Unleashed. She talks about how new features are rolled out to ensure that customer engagement staff are best placed to train customers to use them.

10:48 Managing a Global Customer Base

Unleashed has an established shift pattern to cover the global time patterns of its customer base. Company culture also plays an important role in managing the demands of this diverse customer base.