New Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials: Overview

Using a Bill of Materials (BOM) allows you to set up a recipe for making an assembled product — but before you get started, you’ll need to ensure that you have already set up your products correctly.

Setting up your products

You’ll need to select whether each product is a component, an assembled product, or both. A component is a product that is used to create a larger assembly (for example, a chair could be a component of a dining set). An assembled product is a finished item, usually comprised of multiple components. By combining components and assembled products, you can create multiple levels on your BOM.

Using the Bill of Materials module

On the Bill of Materials module, you’ll find a list of all your assembled products.

Select a product, and you’ll be able to add existing component products to the Bill of Materials. When selecting, the menu will default to demonstrate only the active materials, but you can also toggle the drop-down menu to display those products that have been obsoleted.

From the View Bill of Materials page, you can Import, Export or add a New Bill of Materials. From this page, you can also easily view which of the Bills of Materials have Auto Assembly or Auto-Disassembly enabled.

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