Importing Stock on Hand

Importing Stock on Hand: Overview

Although it will be one of the last steps you take before going live, importing your Stock On Hand is one of the most important steps to ensuring that your Unleashed account is off to a good start.

Preparing to import your Stock on Hand

There are a few steps you need to complete to ensure your business is ready before importing your stock on hand.

Step One: Complete the setup, training, workflow maps, and other implementation tasks.

Step Two: Ensure your products are set up correctly and batched or serialised if needed.

Step Three: Make sure you know your Average Landed Cost. This amount will be used in Unleashed for calculating margins, so do not enter zero values, as this will affect the calculation.

Step Four: Make sure you have an accurate stocktake and all of your stock is accounted for. These are your numbers going live, so it is important to make sure they are 100% correct.

Note – If you are halfway through the manufacturing process, count components instead of finish products: only count final products when they are ready to be sold.

Always make sure that your stocktakes are 100% accurate and that you have taken all of your products into consideration, especially products that may not be in their normal bin location (for example, products that are being prepared for shipment).

Remember: You can only import stock on hand ONCE per product and warehouse. However, if it is easier, then you can split the work into an import per warehouse.

Step Five: Test out an import using the sandbox environment. If everything goes according to plan, you should be ready to import your stock into your live account.

Importing Stock On Hand to Your Unleashed Account

You can download a Stock On Hand template file by clicking Inventory > Product > Import/Export and then download Stock On Hand Template File. To save time, you could export your product list from Unleashed, and copy and paste the product code into the Stock On Hand Template.

Enter the warehouse code, stock on hand, and Average Landed Cost. You can also enter the Serial Number, Batch Number and Expiration Date if those fields are active for the products you are importing, but those numbers can always be added in later.

Once you are ready, save the file as a CSV, and drag and drop it back into Unleashed.

Keep in mind that your Unleashed account will not send Stock On Hand values over to your accounting software, as the values of the two programs should match.

Remember: If you notice any minor discrepancies, you can correct the variance by making a Stock Adjustment.

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